[olsr-dev] dot_draw plugin suggestions

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Mon Sep 27 20:00:11 CEST 2004


> I'd like to suggest that dot_draw plugin should print out current (known) 
> network topology just after connection, I mean I would add "pcf_event(1, 1, 
> 1);" just after accepting the connection (about line 140 in olsrd_dot_draw.c 
> file).
 > In my opinion programs which want to get network structure shouldn't 
wait for
 > topology change to show user the results. This might also be usable 
for all
 > statistics software, which can for example get network topology each 5
 > minutes and generate some interesting statistics requested by the user.

Totally agreed. I'll have it updated for the next release.

As mentioned earlier - I am now concentrating on core OLSR code. So if 
anyone is interested in taking over the maintainance/development of 
various plugins, please let me know! I belive the dot_draw plugin would 
be better off beeing maintained by people who are actually using it :-) 
For now I only update plugins on plugin-interface updates and 

PS. Somebody else hopefully knows the answer to the neato question.

- Andreas

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