[olsr-dev] dot_draw plugin suggestions

Pawel Foremski (spam-protected)
Mon Sep 27 18:19:41 CEST 2004


I'd like to suggest that dot_draw plugin should print out current (known) 
network topology just after connection, I mean I would add "pcf_event(1, 1, 
1);" just after accepting the connection (about line 140 in olsrd_dot_draw.c 

In my opinion programs which want to get network structure shouldn't wait for 
topology change to show user the results. This might also be usable for all 
statistics software, which can for example get network topology each 5 
minutes and generate some interesting statistics requested by the user.

By the way - is there any switch in neato (part of graphviz) which prevents 
edge labels from overlapping, or maybe "dot" file generated by the plugin 
should take care about this?

Kind regards,

Pawel Foremski

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