[olsr-dev] same code for simulation and testbed

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Fri Sep 17 15:25:28 CEST 2004

Hello guys,

I would be interrested in building a plateform that can run olsr within a
simulator (ns2 or omnet) and that can run this olsr also in a testbed
environnement. The main important thing is that minor changes have to be
made when going through one environnement to another. 

Regarding the interface between ns2 (or omnet) and the OLSR deamon, I have a
couple of questions:

Have you heard about existing efforts tha try to make the same thing?
Do you think that it will engender many modifications in the olsr deamon?
Is it possible to implement the modifications of the deamon as a plug-in?
Do you have an idea of what the design of such a system could be?

best regards

Jérémie Leguay
THALES Land & Joint Systems France BTC/TAF/TAI
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