[olsr-dev] 0.4.6 released!

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Sat Sep 4 13:52:15 CEST 2004

Hi all,

olsrd version 0.4.6 was released today!
The biggest change is the inclusion of Thomas Lopatics windows code. 
with Thomas has been a blast - and I believe that the windows version is 
pretty stable
for an initial release. Please report usage problems to olsr-users and 
code bugs to

Other updates:
- Support for dynamic interfaces. This means that interfaces specified 
in the config-
file/command line can be added, removed and updated at runtime. Very usefull
for using PCMCIA devices and for reconfiguration of IP addresses.
- A fix in the route calculation to make sure the interface address by 
which a
neighbor is reachable, is always used as nexthop when setting up routes. 
was not always the case when dealing with multi-homed nodes.
- An update in MID calculation which makes registration of multi homed nodes
happen faster. This is an optimization that is not specified in RFC3626.
- Code restructuring. The windows porting process has helped separating OS
dependent code from the olsrd codebase. This makes porting to other patforms
- Bugfixes. Quite a few smaller and bigger bugfixes, many of which have been
reported by the users - thanks for that!

Plugin developers should beware that there are changes in the structure 
used to
describe network interfaces. These changes must be reflected in plugins!

A windows binary will be available for download soon - for now you must
compile it yourself- read the win32 README file!

Enjoy - and let us know of problems you run into.


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