[olsr-dev] A suggestion...

Andreas Tønnesen (spam-protected)
Mon Nov 22 17:36:05 CET 2004


Are you talking about a net-wide broadcast using olsrs forwarding 
mechanism? If so - this will have to go by the olsr socket and be parsed 
by the olsrd-parser.

If you are just going to broadcast a regular UDP packet then you can do 
all socket handling within the plugin if you want. It's just that 
listening for incoming data is _much_ easier if registering with the 
olsrd-socketparser. If you want to listen for traffic within the plugin 
instead of registering with the olsrd-socketparser, you will have to 
make sure that the socket is non-blocking or you are using a small 
timeout on the select(or whatever) calls. It is important to understand 
that the plugin is part of olsrd program flow - so blocking within the 
plugin(without makeing a new thread) blocks olsrd(which is NOT a smart 
thing to do).

Hope this answers your question :)

- Andreas

Andrea Sini wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd need a little suggestion...
> Let's say I have to write a plugin and sometimes I need to broadcast 
> immediately a message to the network.
> I was wondering if it's enough clean or not to write the packet directly 
> without passing from the socket parser of the daemon OLSR (that is, I 
> don't want to add another socket and send the message to this one, 
> forcing the call of a parsing function that has only  to send the message).
> I'm not talking about a periodic message... It's a sporadic one...
> What do you think ?
> Thanks (really thanks) for the patience...
> Bye
> Andrea
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Andreas Tønnesen

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