[olsr-dev] OLSR under BSD-License?

onelektra (spam-protected)
Sun Nov 21 17:10:52 CET 2004

Sorry, forgot to edit the subject.

onelektra wrote:
> Hello list -
> Thomas wrote me that there is the idea of putting olsrd under 
> BSD-license. I strongly disagree with that. Why? Stealing open source is 
> abso-fucking-lutely common amongst manufacturers. Example: The developer 
> of iptables ran and won a courtcase against sitecom, manufacturer of 
> WLAN-APs. He could prove that sitecom used his GPL'ed software to build 
> there 'protected', illegal to disasemble, closed source software...
> Sitecom wasn't allowed to sell their products anymore. So they made 
> 'their' software publicly available. It was nothing else than Linux...
> Soon after that almost all manufacturers (beside Mikrotik and Cisco 
> witch have their own OS) like Siemens, Linksys, Medion... made their 
> sources available. There is Linux inside every consumer AP...
> This is a real big benefit! Now you can hack every AP and install 
> whatever you want - meshsoftware as far as I m concerned - on every 
> cheap gear if the hardware is powerful enough.
> Can we allow these evildoers to take our work and misuse it as they like 
> (make proprietary extensions so that everybody has to buy their gear to 
> be compatible cause there is no compatibility).
> With BSD-license stealing open source is legal.
> They will help us fixing bugs? I don't believe that. No way. They will 
> misuse it.
> I hope this will not happen. Please don't!
> cu elektra

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