[olsr-dev] IPC-Protocol / GUI

onelektra (spam-protected)
Sun Nov 21 17:08:58 CET 2004

Hello list -

Thomas wrote me that there is the idea of putting olsrd under 
BSD-license. I strongly disagree with that. Why? Stealing open source is 
abso-fucking-lutely common amongst manufacturers. Example: The developer 
of iptables ran and won a courtcase against sitecom, manufacturer of 
WLAN-APs. He could prove that sitecom used his GPL'ed software to build 
there 'protected', illegal to disasemble, closed source software...

Sitecom wasn't allowed to sell their products anymore. So they made 
'their' software publicly available. It was nothing else than Linux...

Soon after that almost all manufacturers (beside Mikrotik and Cisco 
witch have their own OS) like Siemens, Linksys, Medion... made their 
sources available. There is Linux inside every consumer AP...

This is a real big benefit! Now you can hack every AP and install 
whatever you want - meshsoftware as far as I m concerned - on every 
cheap gear if the hardware is powerful enough.

Can we allow these evildoers to take our work and misuse it as they like 
(make proprietary extensions so that everybody has to buy their gear to 
be compatible cause there is no compatibility).

With BSD-license stealing open source is legal.

They will help us fixing bugs? I don't believe that. No way. They will 
misuse it.

I hope this will not happen. Please don't!

cu elektra

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