[olsr-dev] using gdb on the plugins

Jens Nachtigall (spam-protected)
Sun Nov 14 22:56:13 CET 2004


using the gdb on olsrd works fine. However, I cannot
get the gdb properly working on the plugins, i.e. 
step into the plugins, i.e. shared library:

(gdb) break check_gw
Breakpoint 2, 0x40018f18 in check_gw () from /home/jens/software/olsrd-current/lib/dyn_gw/olsrd_dyn_gw.so.0.2
(gdb) step
Single stepping until exit from function check_gw,
which has no line number information.
olsr_printf (loglevel=1, format=0x80540d0 "U\211�203�030@�006\b\213") at src/olsr.c:594
594       if(loglevel <= olsr_cnf->debug_level)

So basically gdb seems to skip the plugins' code until a 
function from olsrd is called. 

The mentioned check_gw function is a function in dyn_gw, but taking
any other plugin function results in the same "skipping".

Do you have the same problem? Any hints on how to get debugging working?

I use the cvs version on an Intel.

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