[olsr-dev] some Qs about exending the dyn_gw plugin

Jens Nachtigall (spam-protected)
Mon Nov 8 23:13:37 CET 2004

Hi Andreas,

> Fist of all - I did some quick updates to the dyn_gw plugin last
> night.

Ah, I did the same at the same time ;-) I don't know about your policy 
about commit accounts. If you don't plan to further work on this 
plugin, sending a plugin later might be fine, otherwise getting commit 
access would be nice (i would only be working on this plugin).

> It should work fine with the new interface now. Extending it 
> to take other subnets as parameters

That's what I also wanted at first. However, now I think that such a 
feature would not be very useful, i.e. I cannot think of a real world 
scenario for anything like
PlParam     "Net"   ""
If a admin wants to add a subnet like  s/he could also add 
a HNA4 line in olsrd.conf instead of a line in the plugin's section 
(same efforts). Even if subnets change dynamically (very rare), there 
would be not big disadvantage for the rest of the net, if this happens 
(in contrast to a not reachable default gw). 

What might be useful imho would be an automatic detection of all nets 
having a metric of 0 (regardless if they are in the plugin's config or 
not). However, this might have some ugly side effects (the NAT issue; 
the point that most Routers will have a route to the ad-hoc-net due to 
the way ifconfig works; and maybe more).

So I would like to keep it simple. My config would look like
LoadPlugin "olsrd_dyn_gw.so.0.1"
    PlParam     "PingIP"   ""
    PlParam     "PingIP"   ""
    PlParam     "PingIP"   ""
ie an abritary number of IPs which should be pinged if a with 
metric 0 can be found, in order to validate if the inet is really 
reachable. That would do.

Don't know if you agree on this. If not simply forking the plugin for 
now (and maybe merging them later again) might be the best? 

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