[olsr-dev] IPv6 fast mobility scenario, olsr doesn't work

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Mon Nov 8 20:15:29 CET 2004


That sounds kind of bad... If the exact same setup for IPv4 and IPv6 
usingiptable/ip6tables do not yield the same results, I would say this 
is a bug... Has anybody experienced different(I don't have the chance to 
verify this behaviour right now)? There has been quite some IPv6 bugs in 
the last couple of releases(sorray about that), due to the fact that I 
lost my testbed when I finished my master.
But I hope to get more testing done before 0.4.8 - and we aim for 0.5.0 
beeing a "stable" release.

Please report this bug to the bugtracker at the sourceforge site. I'll 
look into it when I can find the time.

- Andreas

Filipe Abrantes wrote:
> Hi,
> I' have been trying olsrd 0.4.7 lately with IPv6. I have 4 PC's in 
> switch where I emulate an ad-hoc scenario with ip6tables mac-filtering.
> It all works ok, but when i try to abruptly move a PC in the ad-hoc 
> network (changing the mac-filtering table) the routing table doesn't 
> change accordingly. If i try first remove the connection of that PC so 
> that he removes all routes and then insert it in another point of the 
> ad-hoc network the routes are configured well.
> If using IPv4 it works in both situations (abrupt or slow mobility 
> scenarios), so it probably isn't a problem on the mac-filtering leaving 
> it for the olsr part.
> Any ideas, anyone had similar trouble?
> Filipe

Andreas T√łnnesen

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