[olsr-dev] IPv6 fast mobility scenario, olsr doesn't work

Filipe Abrantes (spam-protected)
Mon Nov 8 18:26:04 CET 2004


I' have been trying olsrd 0.4.7 lately with IPv6. I have 4 PC's in 
switch where I emulate an ad-hoc scenario with ip6tables mac-filtering.

It all works ok, but when i try to abruptly move a PC in the ad-hoc 
network (changing the mac-filtering table) the routing table doesn't 
change accordingly. If i try first remove the connection of that PC so 
that he removes all routes and then insert it in another point of the 
ad-hoc network the routes are configured well.

If using IPv4 it works in both situations (abrupt or slow mobility 
scenarios), so it probably isn't a problem on the mac-filtering leaving 
it for the olsr part.

Any ideas, anyone had similar trouble?


Filipe Lameiro Abrantes
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