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Yann . (spam-protected)
Tue Dec 14 18:42:05 CET 2004


I'm not sure to understand what you ask. But if you want to know how many 
bytes are still free in the output buffer, maybe you can do the difference 
between *maxmessagesize (obtained with GETD__MAXMESSAGESIZE) and *outputsize 
(obtained with GETD__OUTPUTSIZE).

Hope this helps,


Hello everybody,

I'm working with the latest version of OLSR and I'm writing a plugin.

I need to create messages with a message body's size that isn't fixed
and can change over time (depending on various factors).

I've studied the powerstatus plugin but there the situation is simpler
because the message body is fixed in dimension.

I think that the situation (and the things to do) is similar to the
production (for example) of MID messages, where the number of interfaces
declaration is previously unknown...

One of the points is that the function net_outbuffer_bytes_left is not
present in olsr_plugin_io etc. and that function is used in MID messages

So, any suggestion ?

Thanks in advance for the answer


Andrea Sini

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