[OLSR-announce] Wishes and news

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Sat Dec 18 21:17:10 CET 2004

Hi all,

I just want to take this opportunity to wish all olsrd users a merry
Christmas and a happy new year! My Christmas present to you guys is a 
shiny new plugin called HTTPINFO :-)

Even though we no doubt will se some great GUI emerging when the
redesign of the GUI<->olsrd interface is done, I figurd we could need
some light-weight, cross platfom, application independent way of
displaying information about the running olsrd process. Voila - HTTPINFO
As the name suggests the plugin implements a tiny HTTP server which
delivers a HTML formatted page of information when requested(using GET).
In other words, you point you WWW-browser to the IP of the node running
the plugin and it will display a page such as this one:
by all means - the design is not in any way final, and the plugin will
be seeing lots of updates before 0.4.9, but it displays close to all
the information I have intended for it.
The plugin takes one parameter "Port". This sets the TCP port on which
the HTTP server will run. It defaults to 8080 so if you are not running
any web server on the node that is to run the plugin and you want
to be able to access the HTML page only using the IP/host of the node
as the URL, then "Port" should be set to 80. If not you must add
:portnumber to the URL in you browser. Example:
if the host is "mynode" and the plugin runs the HTTP server on the
default port.

olsrd 0.4.8 users will be able to use the plugin - but no link
information will be displayed as this requires a update of the plugin
interface. This update is available in the current CVS version of olsrd
and will be part of 0.4.9.

The source of the plugin is available from CVS. As the sourceforge
public-cvs repository takes a few hours to update I've made the source
of the plugin available here:
this tarball also contains a precompiled version of the plugin.

I hope you'll enjoy this one :-)

- Andreas

Andreas T√łnnesen

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