[OLSR-announce] olsr.org 0.4.8 released!

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Mon Dec 6 19:51:37 CET 2004

Hi all,

It is my great pleasure to announce the availability of
olsrd 0.4.8! In many regards this release marks a milestone
in the history of olsrd. The project itself has gone
more and more from being my pet project to be a community
driven open-source project. One of the most interesting
new feature in this release is the experimental link quality
based routing designed by the c-base community in Berlin.
A detailed introduction to this new routing scheme can be
found at:

Everyone running a wireless MESH network is very much
encouraged to test this new functionality. All feedback
will be very much appreciated.

Olsrd has also changed license from GPL to BSD-style as
we feel this will bring more users to the project.

Besides this, some of the many extensive changes since
0.4.7 include:
* FreeBSD port
* Mac OSX port
* New more flexible configfile format introducing many
  new configuration options. A new and modular config file
  parser and a new internal configuration structure.
* A rewrite of the internal buffering allowing for
  better support of "stacking" of multiple OLSR
  messages in the same packet saving bandwidth.
* Rewritten message generation code for better handling
  of sending of partial messages.
* Fewer dependencies. Olsrd no longer requires a thread
  library to build/run.

Read more at http://www.olsr.org/index.cgi?action=clog

Due to the extensive amount of new code in this release
there will be many new bugs. Please file bugreports in
the bugtracker:

Plugin developers will notice some changes in the plugin
interface in this release, direct questions to the

Let me finish off by saying GREAT WORK to Thomas, Elektra
and the rest of the c-base community! I know we are all
very excited about this release!

If you'd like to help out spreading the word about this
great new release feel free to use these press releases:
English: http://www.olsr.org/press/pr-0.4.8-eng.txt
German:  http://www.olsr.org/press/pr-0.4.8-ger.txt

Now run along and grab your copy at:

Andreas T

Andreas T√łnnesen

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