[Olsr-users] Help to find best configuration

kevin Legendre (spam-protected)
Fri Nov 12 11:38:17 CET 2021

Hello everyone,

I need help to find the best configuration.

I want to setup a mesh network using olsr with ad-hoc.

My configuration is the following :


All the client are under the same prefix 192.168.1.X

All clients are connected to a router (lan)

All router have two interfaces : the first one is a non olsr interface and it's used to connect to the client via ethernet. The second one is a olsr interface and use wifi.

All the olsr interface use Hna to annouce the client connected to it.

What I want to do is that all the clients can communicate together.

With this configuration :
1) All the router can ping each others
2) All the router can ping all the clients
3) All the clients can ping all the routers

But I can't ping a client from another client.

Can you help on this ?

Thank you in advance


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