[Olsr-users] multiple domains in olsrv2

Gabriel (spam-protected)
Sun Sep 30 21:07:07 CEST 2018

Hello, we've been using Olsrv2 in our community network for some time. 
Now we'd like to deploy a few nodes with policy routing, and to do so we 
need to differentiate between local routers and default gw routes.
In OLSRv1 we were doing this using the "RtTableDefault" parameter. In 
OLSRv2 seems that there's no easy way to do it.

I've tryied to add the "domain=x" to the lan option of the olsrv2 
section to create a domain for specific default gateway and the inject 
this domain in a specific route with the section "domain".

This is a configuration sample:

config domain '1'
         option table '112'
config domain '0'
         option table '111'
config olsrv2 'olsrv2'
         list lan ' domain=0'
         list lan ' domain=1'
config interface 'olsr2_common'
         list ifname 'ninux'
         list ifname 'loopback'
config telnet 'telnet'
         option port '2009'
         option bindto ''

I can reach correctly all the local destination in the network, but the 
gateways with domain=1 are not being injected into the table '112'.

This is the output on the node that is exporting the default on the 
domain 1.

(spam-protected):~#  echo "/olsrv2info lan" | nc 2009	1	Hopcount metric	0x1	1	2	0	ff_dat_metric	2Gbit/s	1	2

It shows that the default route is being exported correctly, however on 
the other nodes that route is not even displayed by the command:
"/olsrv2info route"

Probably I'm doing something wrong in the configuration, but since the 
documentation on multiple domain is a bit short I dont really know what 
else to try.


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