[Olsr-users] multiple domains in olsrv2

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Mon Oct 1 09:36:59 CEST 2018


there is a plugin called "route_modifier" for olsrd2 (which you can
select in the OpenWRT config) that allows you to change things like
protocol and routing-table for routes that fit a filter you set.

You should be able to define a "default route" filter like this:

    prefix_length  0
    table 123456

the name "1" behind route_modifier is not processed at all, it just
allows you to define multiple filters. run "olsrd2_static
--schema=route_modifier" to get a list of all parameters.

I just pushed a change to the development branch that the plugin is
activated (for non-OpenWRT) by default too.

On Sun, Sep 30, 2018 at 9:07 PM Gabriel <(spam-protected)> wrote:
> Hello, we've been using Olsrv2 in our community network for some time.
> Now we'd like to deploy a few nodes with policy routing, and to do so we
> need to differentiate between local routers and default gw routes.
> In OLSRv1 we were doing this using the "RtTableDefault" parameter. In
> OLSRv2 seems that there's no easy way to do it.
> I've tryied to add the "domain=x" to the lan option of the olsrv2
> section to create a domain for specific default gateway and the inject
> this domain in a specific route with the section "domain".
> This is a configuration sample:
> config domain '1'
>          option table '112'
> config domain '0'
>          option table '111'
> config olsrv2 'olsrv2'
>          list lan ' domain=0'
>          list lan ' domain=1'
> config interface 'olsr2_common'
>          list ifname 'ninux'
>          list ifname 'loopback'
> config telnet 'telnet'
>          option port '2009'
>          option bindto ''
> I can reach correctly all the local destination in the network, but the
> gateways with domain=1 are not being injected into the table '112'.
> This is the output on the node that is exporting the default on the
> domain 1.
> (spam-protected):~#  echo "/olsrv2info lan" | nc 2009
>       1       Hopcount metric 0x1     1       2
>       0       ff_dat_metric   2Gbit/s 1       2
> It shows that the default route is being exported correctly, however on
> the other nodes that route is not even displayed by the command:
> "/olsrv2info route"
> Probably I'm doing something wrong in the configuration, but since the
> documentation on multiple domain is a bit short I dont really know what
> else to try.
> Thanks,
> Gabriel

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