[Olsr-users] OLSR network routing question

Deepak Lal (spam-protected)
Tue Feb 14 22:13:19 CET 2017


I have set up the following network



Shared with Dropbox

This network is to simulate a two networks (mesh/manet and a static network). Objective is for all nodes to be able to ping each other.

Mesh is the network and the other network is

On the laptops connected to both mesh and static network I am running OLSR on both eth0 and eth1. I am also displaying the routing table populated by OSLRv2

I am able to ping almost every node to every node.

Issue I am having is that the interfaces and are not being propagated by OSLR.

I cannot ping FROM or even

I cannot ping FROM, and even

I was expecting to see a route such as (dest) (dest)

Any ideas why is this not happening?

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