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Deepak Lal (spam-protected)
Mon Feb 13 15:50:58 CET 2017

I have the following problem and believe that OLSR might help. I am not an expert and therefore would appreciate some feedback/help.

Refer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qqcqspdhtaykvjk/Drawing1.png?dl=0


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Network: We are deploying a small experimental network that will be LTE based with a eNodeB and multiple user endpoints. The LTE will be specific network address ( The user endpoints can either be LTE phones or RADIOS installed in vehicles.

The vehicle RADIOS will have two interfaces (LTE and Mesh).  The LTE interface in the radio will be on the subnet and the mesh interface will be on the subnet.

1) The radios will "Mesh" with other radios. Depending upon location, some vehicles might have both LTE and mesh links active at same time.

2) It is possible for the mesh network to be "split" in two or three separate networks

Question 1: I am thinking of running OLSR on on the radio on mesh network and configuring the LTE as an attached network. Is this OK?

Question 2: Since the radio also has an ethernet interface for connecting laptops, I assume I will have to BRIDGE the mesh interface on the radio with any attached client  that I want to be part of the mesh network?

Question 3: How will the LTE network "know" how to reach a client (laptop) in a vehicle that is on the mesh? Keep in mind that the vehicle can move and connect to a different mesh

Any other feedback or ideas much appreciated.

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