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>On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 1:23 PM, s-mtafel <(spam-protected)>
>> Excuse my coming back so lately ...
>>> first there is a Linux kernel bug that has only recently been fixed
>>> that allow multicast messages to arrive through unicast sockets...
>>> this will get your weird behavior.
>> Yes, seems legid, as I am running 3.13.0.
>>> second, I would like the option to run NHDP on a point-2-point link
>>> without multicast... which means that I just give it an unicast
>>> address as the "multicast destination". That's why I removed the
>>> "check for multicast" from NHDP reader.
>>> What you see is what happens when an incoming Multicast also arrives
>>> through the non-interface specific unicast socket... which means NHDP
>>> cannot determine the interface. Which is not checked because it
>>> should not happen.
>> I see!
>>> Could you try the attached patch instead of the revert? It should
>>> also fix the issue for you.
>> Seems working either! Thanks!
>Thank you for the feedback, expect 0.11.1 tagged SOON.

Just to add another data point, I can confirm that it is working for me as well. I was experiencing these segmentation faults too.

Unfortunately, I was not yet subscribed to this mailing list (only to olsr-dev)  when the bug hunt was going on yesterday. Independently, I also found that last week's commit that removed the check for 'input_is_multicast' had to be the culprit, but I did not understand the root cause. Thanks for clearing that up.

What still puzzles me: s-mtafel / Matthias originally reported that he was running 0.10.0 but the offending commit (0512c50a79ac239dd8ade9e3d3034c50d275be88) was only made a week ago, so well after 0.11.0 was tagged.

Looking forward to 0.11.1


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