[Olsr-users] Changes in v0.12.0 ?

Martin Garbe (spam-protected)
Fri Jun 17 23:59:03 CEST 2016


we are beginning to build up an IPv6-only olsrv2 network. Currently we
have 11 nodes. While testing we had problems with a mixed setup of
v0.11.7 and 0.12.0 nodes. When all nodes have v0.11.7 installed all
looks fine.
When we have one central 0.12.0 node the routing table of some nodes
change and they see less nodes.

For example we have the following network:
 A -- B -- C -- D -- E

When all nodes have v0.11.7 node A can ping E (entry in routing table
When C has v0.12.0 then
- A has no entries in routing table for D and E.
- E has no entries in routing table for A and B.
- B,C,D have all nodes in routing table

In the changelog of v0.12.0 it is written that "does not announce
interface addresses beyond originator". Can anybody please explain what
"beyond originator" means? That seems to produce problems here.
We want to understand it so that we know what to change in our setup.


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