[Olsr-users] DLEP router configuration

Mika Rajala (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 17 16:16:33 CET 2016


Yeah, I got it to work now.

It seems that I'm forced to give the bind address.

Otherwise ipv4 mc address doesn't work.

ipv6 seems to work always(?)


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Hello Mika,
Could you send your configuration?
Here is a configuration that manages to make the olsrd2 daemon perform dlep discovery on interface tap0 (with ip=

     discovery_interval   5.0
     discovery_port       22222

Best regards,

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I'm trying to configure the discovery multicast address for dlep_router.

It seems that it's not capable to send to ipv4 addresses, at all.

I added a small debug print to oonf_packet_socket.c 356 and it exits from that if statement, even when I leave the configuration file blank.

Any ideas?

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