[Olsr-users] Testing DLEP plugin without WiFi

Anderson Huang (spam-protected)
Wed Aug 17 20:28:31 CEST 2016

Hi all,

I am relatively new to DLEP and am currently trying to test the plugin
across a 4-node network. This is roughly what the network looks like.

Router 1 --(ethernet adapter)-- Radio 1 ---- (wifi & ethernet adapter) ----
Radio 2 ----(ethernet adapter) ---- Router 2

Router 1 and Router 2 manage to see each other in their respective routing
tables, but I think this is a result of my bridging of the ethernet
interfaces on both radios. I have also tried testing with both radio 1 and
radio 2 running over ad-hoc mode; however, in this set-up I am unable to
bridge as I believe IEEE forbids bridging wifi to ethernet interfaces when
wifi is set to ad-hoc.

As for the commands I am using,

For routers 1 and 2, I am running

./olsrd2_dlep_static <ethernet interface> lo --load=<router config file>

For radios 1 and 2, I am running

./dlep_radio_static --load=<radio config file>

Let me know if my setup is wrong or if I am running the wrong binaries. Any
help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Anderson Huang
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