[Olsr-users] Two ethernet links to the same host makes things get worst

Michael Rack (spam-protected)
Tue Jan 6 01:00:36 CET 2015

> These kinds of links should be configured as bonded links or teamed
> interfaces. Running olsrd on them, especially with the same IP, is not
> such a good idea.
> The same IP on multiple interfaces is not such a good idea either way.
I know that this configuration is not standard and many systems as
Vayetta or CISCO prevent users to assign the same ip-address to multiple
interfaces but i think there is no problem in using this configuration
because the IP-Layer supports this without a shame.

Now it is 00:53am and my clients are in sleep, so i could test the
arprefresh plugin and it looks as it does the trick.

> # arp -an | grep '2220'
> ? ( at 24:a4:3c:b3:db:99 [ether] on eth0.2220
> # arp -an | grep '2221'
> ? ( at 24:a4:3c:b3:db:9a [ether] on eth1.2221

this looks good and the link works as expected. I hope that my issue is
solved, otherwise i will report any problems to the list.

PS: Bridging is not a real solution because i have to enable STP. There
are many switches attachted to the fiber-link #2, so without STP i will
get a packetloop, but with STP i am not aware, how the routing is
currently arranged.

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