[Olsr-users] Olsr_dot_draw plugin runs only once, why ?

Saverio Proto (spam-protected)
Sat Feb 14 20:43:41 CET 2015

What version of olsrd are you running ?

When you ask a question always say which version are you running and
attach relevant config files.


2015-02-13 17:04 GMT+01:00 Abubakr Ali <(spam-protected)>:
> Hi All,
> Whenever I run the "./olsr-topology-mesh-lab.pl" command, everything works
> fine showing the network topology map. Then after a second or so, the
> command exit with the message "connection closed" while the map still there.
> The map doesn't change at all. It is static, i.e.: one picture one
> ImageMagick window. If I need to see the topology changes, then I have to
> run the command again. But, again, "connection closed" message and static
> picture of a network topology.
> As far as the command's help-text states, it should run for ever unless I
> stated the option "--once".
> does that mean it will and keep on producing images and showing it on
> ImageMagic window ? or does it mean something else ?
> Is there is any solution or any way that keep the ImageMagick showing images
> every second or two showing my network topology. Even though if the topology
> does not change, I am still want ImageMagick to keep showing me a new image
> every 1 or 2 seconds .
> Thank you
> Abubakr
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