[Olsr-users] ETX for outers

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Wed Apr 22 12:43:56 CEST 2015


I have local ad-hoc mesh network with olser on OpenWRT.
When I have use LUCI interface to display same information from OLSR about
neighbours, routers where ETX are displayed with  background colour
deepening on value ETX. Blow table with neighbours or routes are display
legend with following information:

*ETX: *Expected retransmission count

   - *Green*: Very good (ETX < 2)
   - *Yellow*: Good (2 < ETX < 4)>
   - *Orange*: Still usable (4 < ETX < 10)
   - *Red*: Bad (ETX > 10)

I am understand that it is OK for ETX neighbours but it is make sense for
ETX routers ???
because ETX for router are sum ETX=ETX1+ETX2+ETX3+ETX4. If we have
information about host which are available  with metic 11 for ideal
situation ETX will =11 and following with this legend
ETX are > 10 and link to this host is BAD ???


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