[Olsr-users] Route on repeater nodes sometimes break when gateway node reboots

Ben West (spam-protected)
Mon Mar 24 02:39:17 CET 2014

I have seen sporadic instances of certain repeater nodes' (not all,
generally a small subset of all repeater nodes in a given mesh), break
their route through the gateway node if the gateway node reboots while the
repeater does not.

That is, the gateway node reboots, and the affected repeater node
thereafter appears to correctly re-establish its route thru the gateway,
but the gateway doesn't actually route the repeater's traffic.  From the
affected node, I can ping the gateway's mesh IP and also the gateway's WAN
IP, but I can't ping anything beyond the gateway node's WAN interface.

Restarting olsrd on the repeater node seems to resolve this problem

This is occurring on nodes running OpenWRT AA r39154 and OLSRd v6.5-4,
using SmartGateway.  I'm quoting my /etc/config/olsrd below, used on all
notes alike.

Has anyone else observed a similar problem?  Browsing the changelog at
http://olsr.org/git/ since v6.5-4 doesn't show any mention of explicit
SmartGateway bugfixes, just additional features.

config olsrd
    # uncomment the following line to use a custom config file instead:
    #option config_file '/etc/olsrd.conf'

    option 'IpVersion' '4'
    option 'LinkQualityLevel' '2'
    option 'LinkQualityAlgorithm' 'etx_ffeth'
    option 'SmartGateway' 'yes'
    option 'Pollrate' '0.1'
    option 'TcRedundancy'    '2'
    option 'MprCoverage'    '5'

config 'LoadPlugin'
    option 'library' 'olsrd_arprefresh.so.0.1'

config 'LoadPlugin'
    option 'library' 'olsrd_dyn_gw.so.0.5'

config 'LoadPlugin'
    option 'library' 'olsrd_dyn_gw_plain.so.0.4'

config 'LoadPlugin'
  option 'library' 'olsrd_nameservice.so.0.3'
  #option 'resolv_file' '/tmp/resolv.conf.auto'
  option 'sighup_pid_file' '/var/run/dnsmasq.pid'
  option 'suffix' '.mesh'

config 'LoadPlugin'
    option 'library' 'olsrd_txtinfo.so.0.1'
    option 'accept' ''

config 'Interface'
    list 'interface' 'mesh'
    option 'Ip4Broadcast' ''
    option 'Mode' 'mesh'

Ben West
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