[Olsr-users] Configuration for olsrd.conf

Chris W. (spam-protected)
Sat Mar 1 19:11:13 CET 2014

> ok thanks for the feedback, let it
> Concerning the mask is a TA in that class and so far I have
> not changed, but soon it'll network.
It is overlapping the LAN's 192.168.1.x ...

> regarding vlan, I did not change this pattern that comes with the
> openwrt for this router model but suggest me if I change something, I'll
> comment on that vlan to see if it makes a difference.
Vlan is right I guess, now when looking at it again ;)

> when the wlan router the other is that the moment they were off, but now
> I'm sending a new output from echo command '/ all' | nc localhost 2006
> here is:
> echo '/all' | nc localhost 2006


Meshing well, only the routers' LANs need to be announced via HNA entry 
to bring the connected machines into play.

> Table: HNA
> Destination     Gateway
> <>
> Att
> Anderson Junior


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