[Olsr-users] dyn-gw pre-0.6.7 segfaults

Ferry Huberts (spam-protected)
Mon Sep 30 06:53:42 CEST 2013

can you bisect please?

On 30/09/13 01:33, Chris W. wrote:
> Hello,
> with olsrd pre-0.6.7-git_0000000-hash_4ee6cd440cde278092c11151c0265e20
> on openwrt r33081 the dyn-gw plugin segfaults, hardware is compex wp546.
> olsrd_dyn_gw_plain.so.0.4 works fine. Just wanted to let you know. If i
> can be of any help in pinning down the reason please let me know how.
> cheers
> Chris

Ferry Huberts

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