[Olsr-users] lxc network emulation

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Sat Oct 22 13:00:58 CEST 2011

Hello again Markus,
I would like details about the topology you had:

> my inital idea was to evaluate if one can run/simulate a reasonable
> complex
> mesh-network on a "smartphone"
> e.g. 250 olsrd instances, 350 interfaces, ~2000 links.

Here you are creating a network with every node reachable from every node,
so we can compare our performances.

> or i just started a olsrd process inside a container (with its own network
> stack),

Here, you seem to speak of a network where olsr are isolated, I really
need precise figures to be sure we are comparing similar things, about the
case of the 2000 lxc running olsr:

Could you reach each node with each other node with a ping ?

And also: how many hops where necessary for the extreme nodes to reach

In my case all pings where good and reactive and the biggest number of
hops was around 20.

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