[Olsr-users] Problems with the quagga plugin

Vasilis Tsiligiannis (spam-protected)
Mon May 16 19:04:08 CEST 2011

Στις Δευ 16 Μαΐ 2011 11:07:40 Damien Miliche γράψατε:
> The gateway is well in the radio range, and if I run OLSRd without quagga,
> the (gateway) routes do properly appear in the routing table.

I understand... I use OLSR with subnets but this particular issue is in my 
> As I said in my previous post, I think the problem comes from the "Quagga
> BUG Workaround" in the quagga plugin, that does not distribute routes where
> destination = gateway to quagga. And indeed, when I comment the "return
> 0"-workaround, the routes for the directly reachable nodes do appear in the
> routing table. However, still the other routes are marqued as inactive,
> even if now proper routes for the gateways exist.

This happens because Quagga considers nexthops which are recursively reachable 
as inactive. I beleive this assumption is correct with classic subneted 
routing but fails in MANETs. Since olsrd-quagga plugin is attempting to bring 
these two "worlds" in contact, we have to find a solution which breaks none of 

One solution is to treat host routes the same way as directly connected routes 
which are always considered valid nexthops. But this would mean more Quagga 
modifications which I'd prefer to avoid. AFAIK, Quagga makes an exception on 
the de-activation of recursive routes in iBGP networks. Maybe we could use the 
same mechanism to "activate" OLSR routes.

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