[Olsr-users] Problems with the quagga plugin

Vasilis Tsiligiannis (spam-protected)
Sun May 15 14:42:32 CEST 2011

Στις Δευ 09 Μαΐ 2011 12:37:40 Damien Miliche γράψατε:
> Hi all,

Hello Damien,

> After patching and recompiling quagga and loading the quagga plugin into
> olsrd, I can see the olsrd routes in quagga ("show ip route").
> I have some problems however:
>  - a specific "show ip route olsr" makes the zebra daemon crash (connection
>    closed for the telnet, and the daemon is stopped);

This was a bug in quagga patch shipped with version 0.6.0 of olsrd. Please 
recompile quagga with patch from version 0.6.1.

>  - the olsr routes are marked as "inactive" in quagga;
>  - these routes are not redistributed to the kernel;

This happens when the gateway for a route is not reachable. 

>  - these routes are not redistributed to other OSPF nodes.

You need to enable redistribution of OLSR routes to OSPF in quagga.

Vasilis Tsiligiannis
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