[Olsr-users] Help to configure a mesh network with OLSR and Freifunk.

Ricardo Kamarowski Nascimento (spam-protected)
Fri May 13 05:19:49 CEST 2011


Can someone help me with the following scenario? Is about Freifunk but include OLSR too.

 I have a Linksys running Freifunk 1.7.4. I tried to configure Internet access but could not. My topology is as follows:

 The Gateway of my house is a router that does NAT of public IP to network 192.168.1.X. The Gateway is

 I configured Wireless, Lan and Wan, but I could not access the internet through the Linksys with the Freifunk. Following is the topology:

(Public IP)Router House( - (WAN:, OLSR-DHCP:, - (DHCP IP: non OLSR.

I tried to configure the wireless in the same network of the WAN with no sucess.
Even with the olsr daemon in the laptop configured with the IP, i can't reach internet.

I've installed all the required packages: freifunk recommended, dnsmasq, etc.

Sorry my bad english. Thanks!

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