[Olsr-users] Cannot communicate 2 hops away

RC Loh (spam-protected)
Thu May 12 02:53:25 CEST 2011

Hi Henning, Markus,

I did the same experiment with 3 LINUX machines and realised that the 2 
furthest LINUX machines are able to communicate via the middle LINUX machine.

I begin to suspect it is the MacBook Pro OSX that was causing the problems that 
I had previously.

May I know what version of OSX that the OLSRD 0.6.0 has been tested on?

Thank you.



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Hi Henning and all,

Thank you very much for all your advise.

Attached is the screen capture for "olsrd -v" and "tcpdump" taken from

I have also attached the routing tables of Mac12 and Mac13 when 
cannot PING to via

I have checked the following:
1) Set all the "firewall"s on all the 3 MacBook to OFF.

2) The ip forwarding is ON for all the 3 MacBook by using the command "sysctl -a 
| grep forwarding" and it gave net.inet.ip.forwarding=1

Hi Markus,

From what I checked from the OLRDS web site, the version 0.6.0 is the latest 
stable version.



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On Tue May 10 2011 06:08:48 RC Loh wrote:
> Hi,
> I have 3 MacBook Pro running OLSRD 0.6.0 with their IP addresses as shown
> below: 
> (macbook13)                    (macbook12)                (macbook15)
> When I placed all the 3 MacBooks close together, all of them can PING to
> each other.
> When I placed macbook13 far away from macbook15 such that the routing table
> of macbook13 did not have the DIRECT route to macbook15 but only had the
> route to macbook12. The PING started to fail.
> Below are 2 questions:
> 1) When I did a PING from macbook13 to macbook15, I did not received a
> response from macbook15. Why?
> 2) When I brought all the 3 MacBooks back to close together, they still
> cannot PING to each other. Why?
> Anything that I configured wrongly?
> Any advise is appreciated.
A few standard questions first... *G*

1.) what version of olsrd did you use ? (run "olsrd -v")
2.) what was the routing table when mac 13 and mac 15 could not hear each 
other ?
3) did you receive OLSR packets on all three nodes (check with "tcpdump -i 
<interface> -s 0 -vv port 698")

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