[Olsr-users] Compiling Error for olsrd

Alan Brumley (spam-protected)
Thu Mar 24 16:07:56 CET 2011

I'm guessing you're doing this from a dos window.


You are saying that you have admin privileges.  That's good.  But what's
important is the context in which you start your command line window.


If I click start->run-> and enter cmd.exe, or I click
start->accessories->command prompt, I'm not allowed to create a file in the
C:\  (root) directory.  


Try starting your command prompt by selecting start->accessories and then
right click on command prompt and select "run as administrator".   Then,
commands in that window should be allowed to created files in C:\




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Subject: [Olsr-users] Compiling Error for olsrd


I have Administrator privileges

Yes I have C:\ in windows.


May I know what is the problem with this?

Error, cannot create OLSR lock 'C:\olsrd-ipv4.lock'.


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Hi Joanna Ng,


On Mar 24, 2011, at 6:26 AM, Joanna Ng wrote:


I use the Mingw it work now thank. But now i have this error,



 ---- Interface configuration ----

 Interface if03 set up for use with index 0

 MTU: 1472
 Broadcast address:
New main address:
Using 'etx_ff' algorithm for lq calculation.
TC: add entry
RIB: add prefix from
Error, cannot create OLSR lock 'C:\olsrd-ipv4.lock'.


Hm... did you start it with Administrator privileges?

(I assume you have a C:\ drive in windows BTW)


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