[Olsr-users] Compiling Error for olsrd

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Tue Mar 22 12:15:19 CET 2011

On Thursday 17 March 2011 02:31:27 Joanna Ng wrote:
> Dear Sir/Mdam,
> My system is running on Windows XP
> When I use Cygwin and do a make it have this error,
> make: *** [src/common/autobuf.o] Error 1
> Could you advise what i've done wrong
A first step would be to send the complete error message to this list... there 
should be more about it.

Just run "make clean_all build_all"... then run "make build_all" again and 
send the whole output of the second command to this list.

> Best Regards,
> Joanna NG

> P Please consider your environmental responsibility before printing this
Sounds reasonable. ;)
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Do you think this footer is really useful for sending mails to an open mailing 
list ?

Henning Rogge
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