[Olsr-users] eclipse + olsrd

√Črico Porto (spam-protected)
Mon Mar 21 14:26:17 CET 2011


I've used the prompt debugger GDB, and it runs fine. But I'm more used to
work with it through eclipse, and also I think it's easier to write code
with eclipse.

So I downloaded Eclipse CDT Helios 7.0.2 from the website - I'm using Ubuntu
10.10 - and used the File -> New -> Makefile Project with existing code.
I've had done it with NS-2 before, but I have forgot how to do it.

The problem is that when I click run, it complains that there are any
binaries. The same for debug. Any helps? I tried to go at the Run
Configurations but couldn't find how to tell it where the binary files are.

Thanks in advance.

√Črico V. Porto
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