[Olsr-users] OLSR topology and VPN links

Teco Boot (spam-protected)
Fri Jun 24 12:26:48 CEST 2011

Op 24 jun 2011, om 09:15 heeft Mitar het volgende geschreven:

> Hi!
> On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 4:51 PM, Teco Boot <(spam-protected)> wrote:
>> Warning: all of this needs pseudo-broadcast. On larger networks, this won't work well.
> What do you mean by that? Can you explain a bit more?

If your VPN link is just a point-to-point, you are OK. But I don't see a reason to use L2, L3-VPN link will do also.

If you have a hub&spoke VPN, the hub sends back all incoming multicast traffic to all other tunnels. This may result to unexpected high load on the tunnels.


> Mitar

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