[Olsr-users] Quagga plugin for olsrd

Abhishek Gupta (spam-protected)
Thu Jun 2 11:30:36 CEST 2011


I am trying to install the quagga plugin of olsrd. I initially got the
error of "zebra not running" but that got fixed.

Now, this is the error that comes

14:44:59.355 WARN(plugins) src/plugin_loader.c 412: Error, legacy init
failed for plugin olsrd_quagga.so.0.2.2
14:44:59.355 ERROR(plugins) src/plugin_loader.c 170: Error, cannot
activate plugin olsrd_quagga.so.0.2.2.
14:44:59.355 WARN(plugins) src/quagga.c 214: (QUAGGA) Disconnected from zebra
14:44:59.355 ERROR(plugins) src/quagga.c 506: (QUAGGA) could not send
redistribute delete command

any help would be appreciated

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