[Olsr-users] [B.A.T.M.A.N.] [Battlemesh] Wireless Battle Mesh v4 - Call for papers (update II)

Marek Lindner (spam-protected)
Tue Feb 22 15:22:45 CET 2011

Wireless Battle Mesh v4 - Call for papers (update II)

The second agenda preview also is a reminder: We are nearing the submission 
deadline - only one week left to get your topic onto the agenda! Contact us 
before the end of this month otherwise we won't be able to consider your 

Since the last preview a few more items have materialized / updated:

Technical Track:

* Interactive Mesh - make your mesh sing with multicast
  (talk - Ursula & Pascale Gustin)
* Google summer of code - old projects and new ideas
 - Free Web Radio Program Scheduler presented by Clauz
 - IPinUDP encapsulation module presented by Saverio
 - Porting OLSR to Nokia N900 and Android OS presented by Mitar
 - Implementation of a Bounded Incremental SPF Algorithm for olsrd presented 
by Markus Kittenberger

to be confirmed:
 - flashing, re-flashing, debricking framework - Alexander Morlang

 - linux VoIP api at the example of an AirTies WAV-281
student: Lars-Peter Clausen, mentor: john crispin 
- Database output for freimap
student: Nino Ciurleo, mentor: stefano pilla 
- Liquid freifunk collaboration web framework
student: Phuc Hau Dang, mentor: Mario Behling

Application Track:

* Live demonstration of the "Interactive Mesh"
  (demonstration - Ursula & Pascale Gustin)
* Wireless communities around the world
 - guifi.net presented by Ramon Rocca
 - Ninux presented by Saverio

to be confirmed:
 - Funkfeuer presented by Aaron
 - Ljubljana presented by Mitar

 - Freifunk

Special Events:

A barrel of beer will be made available to celebrate the inclusion of the 
batman-adv kernel module in the to be released Linux kernel 2.6.38.

If you have any question or suggestion, please let me know.

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