[Olsr-users] 6.1.3 : losing default route

ZioPRoTo (Saverio Proto) (spam-protected)
Sun Feb 6 23:18:35 CET 2011

> Version: olsr.org - 0.6.1-git_-hash_8e3ab4d9380070ab6cfd877cfc3d3bf5 -
> (built on 2011-02-02 04:28:36 on tksite.gotdns.org)

Ok, this is a version from our repository we can easily track.

> (spam-protected):~# opkg list-installed | grep olsr
> olsrd - 0.6.1-3

This is the OpenWRT package version. It is based on our 0.6.1 release,
and it means that the package changed to "openwrt revision" number 3.
The OpenWRT package can change because custom patches are applied or
just because their distribution changes the defaults in configuration

To see what's different from 0.6.1-1 and 0.6.1-3 you can see it here:


Indeed I think this will not solve your problem :( Wait for an answer
from a core developer that is familiar with the code and inserts and
deletes routes from the kernel.


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