[Olsr-users] Implementing OLSR into SAMSUNG GALAXY S (I9000)

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Wed Apr 20 07:20:55 CEST 2011

Am Mittwoch 20 April 2011, 04:18:00 schrieb Zack Genesis:
> Hi, I'm trying to implement OLSR into SAMSUNG GALAXY S(I9000) elcair
> I've tried the pre-compiled OLSR but it's not working, somehow when I run
> the command OLSRD it just stuck there without running the table...
> I also realize the pre-complied OLSR is complie for SAMSUNG GALAXY (I7500)
> Does it matter? Is it because of that, I'm having problem implementing OLSR
> into my android?
> Need some advice and solution
> All help is greatly appreciated

Step a) Download the most recent stable branch from the repository...

> git clone git://olsr.org/olsrd.git
> git checkout stable

Step b) Look into make/Makefile.android

(yes I know, bad place for a readme... we will try to do better)

Henning Rogge
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