[Olsr-users] Newbie Questions on OLSR Plugin Event & Scheduler

Mahtab Hossain (spam-protected)
Mon May 31 13:26:21 CEST 2010

Hi there,

I have just started working with your OLSR implementation and trying to implement a plugin where the OLSR nodes will get their location information (relative w.r.t. a map). From whatever little documentation I could gather on your implementation, I realize that I should be able to register functions with the scheduler to be executed at specified intervals.

i) First, I just want to have a simple function to be executed after 10 sec may be and write "Hello World" in a file. How to register this function with the scheduler? writetimer_entry???

ii) pcf_event of dot_draw plugin is a registered function of some "process changes(?)". Where can I learn more about this registered function? I presume it is run whenever the nodes' topology changes? Can I have more functions registered like this?

iii) Can I have my own threads inside my plugin code? I tried to create a thread in my plugin and it seg-faulted. If I want to create a thread of my own, what should I do? Or it can't be done?

It would be really helpful if someone could direct me to a tutorial which discusses elaborately about these issues. The plugin tutorial discussing the powerinfo plugin is outdated and that particular plugin isn't shipped with the latest OLSR even.

Thanks in advance

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