[Olsr-users] smartGateway feature: IPv6 support

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Mon May 24 18:21:26 CEST 2010

Am Montag 24 Mai 2010, 18:02:20 schrieb Magesh mannar:
> It contains lots of bug fixes and some exceptionally interesting features
> such as SmartGateway which allows OLSR to build automatic IPIP tunnels to
> a gateway to prevent gateway flapping. This helps all Wi-Fi networks which
> run on private IP addresses and where the gateway is a NAT device.
> This email is in reference to the newly added feature SmartGateway feature
> to the OLSR protocol. My understanding of this feature is that it helps
> networks by allowing the OLSR to build automatic IPIP tunnels to a gateway
> to prevent gateway flapping.
> Now, my question is this feature supported for only IPv4 protocol or IPv6
> protocol as well. In other words, does the smartGateway feature works for
> IPv6 protocol such as the IPv6-IPv6 tunnel.
I have tested 0.6.0 on my local VMs with IPv4 and IPv6 (and IPv4 over IPv6 
together with the NIIT kernel module).

The problem is that with IPv6 you need either a way to choose a new local IP 
(so that it fits the external IPv6 prefix) or you have to use NAT... which 
does not exist for IPv6.

The necessary infrastructure for announcing the gateway is there, we "just" 
need a plugin that change the local IP address so that the outgoing traffic 
use the external prefix. Maybe even combined with some DHCPv6 to change the 
prefix of the local network.


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