[Olsr-users] Simulating OLSR.

Diego (spam-protected)
Mon Sep 28 16:03:09 CEST 2009

Hello everybody,

I briefly introduce myself: my name is Diego and I am a student of 
University of Padua. For my master thesis, among other things, I'm 
trying to inspect power consumption of some parts of OLSR on MPSoCs.
One of the first step involved in the process is simulating a network 
without real hardware in hand.
I've read about NS2:
and a project by Roman Steiner:
I've briefly searched for updates from Roman, but I didn't found 
anything but this:

As the simulation is not relevant to the subject of the thesis and is 
just functional to the following steps I would kindly ask you if you can 
give me some hints (or references) on how to easily (as far as possible, 
obviously) simulate olsrd.

Thank you so much,

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