[Olsr-users] interconnecting nodes with cable

Jan Groenewald (spam-protected)
Sat Sep 26 14:33:20 CEST 2009


Running 60 nodes on a freifunk1.6.36 network with one gateway.

From: http://ipkg.berlin.freifunk.net/README.txt
To interconnect two nodes with an ethernet wire, this setup is easy:
Connect two nodes via WAN port. Configure both WAN/IP with a narrow
netmask using 4 IPs out of the mesh range. Example ( used
in mesh): Node1/WAN has and Node2/WAN has Of course the Wifi IP is not in the
64/65/66/67 range of this mini network segment. Firewall+NAT between the
to WAN ports is open then, Firewall on LAN still active. OLSR is used
to route automatically through WAN/WAN if this connection has lower packet
loss. May be optimized with Admin/OLSR/Filter to exclude the neighbours
wifi IP address.

This works great, except that a cost of 1 is added to the sum in the routing

Say wireless is - - - -
and wired is +++

I have this situation with 2 directional antennas
on a mountain, B and C. Now A routes via E, while 
would it not be better via B? Say if the WAN
OLSR cost were calculated as 0?

Sum(A-B-C-D) = 4.3
Sum(A-E-D) = 4.2
--> A chooses to route via E

A - - - 1.6 - - - B+++1.0+++C - - - 1.7 - - - D
|                                             |
- - - - - - 2.1 - - - - E - - - - 2.1 - - - - -

If B+++C cost 0, A would choose what seems to be the better route?

Or do I need to use Admin/OLSR/Filter every time this happens?

Or is the route actually better via E?

PS. in olsr-viz the two wan IPs (Bwan-Cwan) show up in a
separate disconnected graph from the rest.


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