[Olsr-users] 3 PCs setup for OLSR, interface up/down problem

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Thu Sep 17 10:15:09 CEST 2009

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>> 2. Although when I doing the same as above experiment with ping 
>> application instead of the audio/video stream then ping comes down 
>> within 5-10 seconds after olsrd is stopped and start again after 
>> olsrd starts within 5-6 seconds. So ping is fine within 10 seconds 
>> limit recovery time.
>so i think you have a problem with your video streaming, not with olsr.

>as i have no expierience on this, i can help u any further on this

>you may try http traffic if it works similar fast as ping (try openeing

>small testpages, and maybe also downloading a large file,

I will try using http with VLC streaming. Although I used ftp of a larg
file that was fast enough but I cannot test any interface down inbetween
the download of a file as the connection will break and it will not
start again. SO I will try http or something else. I will keep you

>> 3. At PC1 If I remove-the-cross-cable/making-interface-down and then 
>> again-plug-crosscable-again/making-interface-up then I olsrd does not
> >restart again but I need to reset the inerface on both PC1 and PC2. I

> >am
>> sure I am missing something in this case as this problem should not 
>> be there with the olsrd.
>use the allownointerface config option, and check if you allow olsr to 
>poll interface changes in the config file

>i don`t remember the correct spelling of this options so pls. look into

>sample olsr config files, or manual

There are two options in conf file and I have the follwing settings and
other than these two option I did not find anything else in conf file.
# Interval to poll network interfaces for configuration 
# changes. Defaults to 2.5 

seconds NicChgsPollInt  3.0

# Should olsrd keep on running even if there are 
# no interfaces available? This is a good idea 
# for a PCMCIA/USB hotswap environment.
# "yes" OR "no"

AllowNoInt	yes


Thanks in Advance


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