[Olsr-users] QoS over OLSR

Kim Hawtin (spam-protected)
Thu Sep 17 03:29:54 CEST 2009

Morning all,

Henning Rogge wrote:
> Am Wed September 16 2009 15:36:08 schrieb Owain Davies:
>> QoS - Prioritisation of a subset of users' traffic.
> Okay...
> OLSRd does not handle the user traffic itself, it just set up kernel routes. 
> So a first step might be to set up a traffic priorization on each node for 
> certain traffic classes. Reserving capacity on a "path" is not enough for a 
> wireless medium, because other transmitters will still jam you.

As another post in this thread mentions, using 'tc' to set up the QoS is 
probably a better way to enable QoS.

My thought here is to pass configuration information to a set of local 
"tools" on each routing host.

>> Security - External mainly. Will only start to consider Internal if
>> everything else goes really well. 
> The easiest way to do this with OLSR would be encrypting all OLSR messages 
> with a secret key and use IPsec for the unicast traffic.
>> Multicast - Spares would be best. The
>> demo will probably only be 10-20 devices, but the a full implementation
>> could have hundreds, with tens of groups and people in a groups will
>> usually also be physically in a group.
> Like I said, we have a sparse multicast in the development tree (not for 
> 0.5.6), but it does not support multicast groups.
> A multicast plugin with kernel based multicast forwarding would be a great 
> thing, but difficult to implement in a MANET.

I have not looked at the plug-ins in OLSRd for some time, but I have 
been using YAML to send configuration information to web servers and the 
like, when I need to alter specific things, eg add a VHOST

Is there a "generic configuration" plug-in that Owain could use to send 
configuration to the tools on the routers?

Its something that I've been meaning to do for some time. I have a 
number of routers running on an old version of OLSRd now - probably 
0.4.9 - that I'd like to send a re-config message to. eg iptables deny 
IP or add a loopback IP address to an anycast group service like DNS, etc.

Does that make sense to do at a OLSR message level for all routing nodes?

Or should that be done at a higher level?



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