[Olsr-users] Getting Started

Owain Davies (spam-protected)
Wed Sep 16 11:28:46 CEST 2009


I have been trying to understand how olsr works. When a program, for
example ping, sends a packet to an ip address how does it enter the olsr
network, and get wrapped in an olsr message? Does it add something to
the routing table, or create a new interface, or link into iptables. I
don't really understand how it offers its service to the computer.

Also is there any documentation on how this all links together, or how
the olsr modules link into the system. (sorry, probably more a question
for the dev list).

Is there a getting Started HOWTO? I am trying to put together a mesh of
phones, netbooks, and tablets, running linux, windows and android. Early
stages I know but...


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