[Olsr-users] how to reach HNA hosts?

Cesar Santamaria (spam-protected)
Sat Oct 17 02:39:34 CEST 2009

Hi all.  I've been trying to implement olsrd for our thesis, but we have 
been having problems trying to announce a host through HNA messages.

This host is part of the NAT of one of the routers(we were using 
Freifunk implementation).  We added the private ip address as a HNA 
message and it was announced in the routing table, getting to it through 
the 'public' IP of the router.  BUT there is not a possible way to reach 
that host at all.

We cannot reach a webserver in the HNA-announced host; we can't login 
through ssh; even if we add the host IP to the list of 'ping-reachable 
hosts' we cannot get to it. The documentation just says that if they are 
set as HNA messages(each one), the would be  reachable, but doesn't 
specify anything other than setting the IP in the olsrd.conf; seems not 
to work.

We also tried to use the olsrd in dd-wrt, but was even more complex to 
manage so we just stayed with Freifunk.  But in both cases the HNA hosts 
couldn't be reached at all.

What could be missing in the configuration?  The host is part of the 
routing table, but we haven't been able to connect to it.

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